A blockchain-based content authorship stamping plugin for WordPress

I´m sharing this article since I´m happy to have been close involved in the development and launching. I love product development 🙂

Last summer a study produced by Rebel Thinking, the research unit of the agency and consulting firm Good Rebels, analysed the ways in which blockchain will be useful for companies, generating new business models or making already-existing models more efficient.

Primarily, goods and services are exchanged on the internet through websites. There are more than 200 million active websites in the world (and 1.5 billion in total) and WordPress powers an astonishing 30% of them.

Blockchain-based solutions are being used in a number of different industries includingadvertising, utilities, entertainment and banking. However, if we take a look at the website creation and management industry, it’s clear that there still very few solutions developed for the benefit of the publishing industry. There are only 29 WordPress plugins worldwide that offer blockchain-based value for publishers, and most of them are focused on monetisation. There is, however, a battle waging over authorship of content. In 2013, Matt Cutts estimated that roughly 25-30% of all online content was duplicated material.

WordPress Blockchain plugin by Good Rebels

As it’s so extremely difficult to identify fake news or detect duplicated content without the help of crawling systems, we want to offer publishers an independent, free, blockchain-based solution which provides authors with a time-stamp proof of publishing which can be applied to any piece of content at any given time. While this cannot be taken as proof of authorship, it does determine when a piece of material was first made public.

How does it work?

Once installed, you can easily set the plugin to stamp the content on one to three different blockchains. You can choose to apply the stamp manually or define which type of content published on your website you wish to stamp.  The stamping information is public and provides publishers with a visual badge that includes a link to the specific stamp.


You can now apply hundreds of independent, not given by any specific private company, confirmation of publication stamps which declare the authorship of your content.

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